Vegetable Agenda

Welcome to Vegetable Agenda, an artist/grower led initiative in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

We are working towards making the land a resource for artists, encouraging engagement with aspects of sustainable living and food production, including collaborative projects and events, residencies and involvement in land-based activities.

A Field Day – 16th July 2017    CANCELLED


Artist Residency call-out/ArtWWOOF call-out

We are looking for artists who would like to experience a sustainable lifestyle on our permaculture based market garden in North Pembrokeshire. Click on the following links to find out more.

Artist in Residency / ArtWWOOF Residency

Our current Artist in Residence is Simon Whitehead. Read more …

Basic Human Needs exhibition 2016

Our first step is to use our half built straw bale house and surrounding land as a space for exhibiting work that considers as a starting point Basic Human Needs.

For more information on the exhibition and the artists included please click here.

For an article by Alicia Miller on the Sustainable Food Trust website please click here.



One thought on “Vegetable Agenda

  1. Hello, maybe you will see this? I like the Vegetable Agenda project. Where does the quote from Joseph Beuys come from (at the bottom of the Basic Needs exhibition page of photos/artist profiles)?

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