Basic Human Needs exhibition

For our first engagement as Vegetable Agenda we invited artists from across the UK and Europe to submit work that reflected upon the theme Basic Human Needs. We had over 470 unique visitors to the website and the selection panel of Simon Whitehead, Amy McKenny, Debbie Rees and Julian McKenny selected work that we felt reflected the theme in original and exploratory ways. The chosen artists are:

Anna Brazier, Anna Kedziora, Mark Coulbrook, Carolin Weinert, Colin Shaw, David John Beesley, Joanna Bond, Jodi Nicholson, Mike Williamson, Mita Solanky, Raksha Patel, Sam Vicary, with additional works by Simon Whitehead, Debbie Rees, Julian McKenny, Madelaine Robinson and Rhys Reece Rees.


The exhibition ran from Sunday 5th June until 26th June 2016 in and around our half-built straw bale house. The opening was a very enjoyable afternoon with performances and events, set around the straw house and surrounding permaculture market garden. Over 60 visitors attended and enjoyed strawberries, tea and pizzas from the wood fired oven. Many thanks for their support and encouragement. Grateful thanks also to Simon and Amy for being so supportive and to Mita and Madelaine for invaluable help setting up.


Why Basic Human Needs?

The exhibition Basic Human Needs considers as a starting point Chilean ecological economist Manfred Max Neefs’ concept of fundamental human needs, how we try to satisfy those needs and how those needs might be satisfied in a way that is positive for all life. Please see Useful Links at the bottom of this page for a fuller understanding of the 9 Fundamental Needs.

Image from workshop on Real World Economics run 
by Inez Aponte of Growing Good Lives.

About Us

Julian McKenny graduated in Fine Art and has an MA in Photography. Debbie Rees has a BA in Fine Art/Sculpture and later studied Horticulture and Permaculture.

We are trying to work out how best to satisfy our needs whilst not causing a negative impact. We are interested in a different economic model, investigating systemic change in society and how we go about that. So, nothing too heavy!

We are hoping this will be the first step towards making the land a resource for artists. If you might be interested in our future collaborative projects and events, residencies and involvement in land-based activities, please get in touch

Contact Details


Location: Blaenffos Market Garden, Pembrokeshire

Useful Links

Wikipedia – Fundamental Human Needs

Click to access Max-neef_Human_Scale_development.pdf

Development and Human Needs – selected Manfred Max-Neef text

Manfred Max-Neef information

Social Sustainability satisfying human needs

Growing Good Lives

3 thoughts on “Basic Human Needs exhibition

  1. Hi, this all sounds really great. I imagine you have already posted this via the Bristol Permaculture Yahoo group, but if you haven’t it’s a great way of reaching a strong community in Bristol. You can find them by searching for the yahoo group. Good Luck! M

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