Introduction to Permaculture for Artists

A 3 day Introduction to Permaculture for Artists led by Jasmine Dale was held in June 2017. Specifically focussed on how the basic principles of permaculture might feed into an artistic practice, we tried to see how such a course could develop with the artists involved. Their experience covered a wide range of disciplines.


With two days at Blaenffos Permaculture Market Garden one day will be at Jasmines’ at Lammas Eco Village, Glandwr, the participants saw a wide range of growing and land management practices using permaculture, hopefully acting as metaphors for the ways in which it would feed into their individual practices.


We hope to run further Introductions for Artists in the future, as well as developing a second course that moves these ideas on, involving the artists in a deeper way, perhaps creating a shared social work from the collaboration.


Image above of Jasmine and Simon Dale’s house under construction. Thanks to Jasmine for her skill and understanding and for guiding such an open and energising course.