Debbie Rees


Debbie is an artist grower exploring ways in which an art practice arises from a land based livelihood. Playing with the idea of ‘re-indigification’ – becoming part of a particular place.

As part of the collaboration RhysReeceRees she is looking at Basic Human Needs and Neo-Peasantry and it’s inherent contradictions.

XR Dead Canary Emissaries

parliament square

An evolving socially engaged useful art project with Extinction Rebellion.


XR Peoples Assemblies

Peoples Assemblies are a way for a group of people to discuss issues or make decisions collectively, where all voices are heard and valued equally and no one person or group are able to dominate the process. They are a basic participatory democracy method. Assemblies can be a form of direct action if they are being held in a space designed to be disruptive or during occupations.

During the Aberystwyth Youth Strikes I co-facilitated Peoples Assembles with a fellow rebel and have been asked to train the group to hold thier own assembles.We continue to facilitate assemblies every week or two for XR groups.


Stock Exchange


Earth Forum

earth forum


BottleTop GPS



BottleTop GPS, Cardigan 2016

Opie & D


Opie & D, Basic Human Needs 2016



Abundance, 2014