Julian McKenny

Julian McKenny is a photographic artist and a member of RhysReeceRees. His work can now be seen at www.julianmckenny.com

Currently working on a range of photographic projects focusing on the local, specifically ‘Self:Build:Self’ which examines the construction of a straw bale house. Click on the images below to view a larger version.

‘Means of Escape’, an examination of the beginnings of a sustainable life recently featured in The Lampeter Review magazine.

He has an MA in Photography (Distinction) from DeMontfort University, Leicester 2007.

As part of RhysReeceRees he draws on his fine art background (BA Hons in Painting, Canterbury), creating socially engaged pieces and social sculptures which fit into the ethos of sustainable living.

He was co-curator of the Basic Human Needs exhibition.