A Green & Peasant Revolution

For the Chapter Arts 2017 Art Car Boutique (themed Revolution), RhysReeceRees collaborated with Rhod in Revolution to produce “A Green & Peasant Revolution”, a car boot stall with a difference.


Neo-Peasant Kits were on offer, featuring a hessian sack tunic, hand crafted wooden spoon and spurtle (porridge stirrer turned on a pole lathe). A sachet of homemade drawing charcoal accompanied a straw filled onion net pillow, along with rose tinted spectacles and membership of UNPA (United Neo_Peasant Artists).


To get started on the new peasant lifestyle a Freedom Card was included.

NeoPeasant-ItemsThe edition of three kits were priced using a Revolution themed Scarcity pricing system: £33.33 for the first kit toencourage early-adopters, £45.00 when two were left and £78.00 for the last remaining. As one disenchanted customer said, “It’s not cheap to be a peasant.”

Also on sale were Running Beans, salad bags and punnets of strawberries fresh from our no-dig Permaculture Market Garden.



Rhod members provided backdrop of revolutionary records, seed bombs, plants and revolutionary badges whilst we also hadout Ask … ballot box available to canvas the needs of visitors. With raucous events happening all around it was a fantastically cacophonous event.