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UPCOMING: Introduction to Permaculture for Artists with Jasmine Dale – June 13, 14 and 15th 2017

A 3 day Introduction to Permaculture for Artists led by Jasmine Dale. We’ll be here at Blaenffos Permaculture Market Garden for 2 of the days and 1 day will be at Jasmines’ at Lammas Eco Village, Glandwr. The cost of the course is £60 paid in advance. We plan to have bring and share lunches and will provide drinks. Free camping is available for those with tents (and also for those without, although you will get wet if it rains).

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a place.

UPCOMING: July 16th 2017 – A Field Day

IMG_2850Welcome one and all to our first artist-led day of fun and games, A Field Day.
Following on from our exhibition last year, this year we are inviting you to attend and participate in a range of entertaining activities.

If you are interested in making a collaborative piece which allows visitor participation and social engagement please get in touch.

We will create a page for the event soon and post more information as we have it.

Spring 2017 Artist in Residence – Simon Whitehead

Simon is joining us one day a week to learn more about permaculture and growing food and how it might feed into his artistic process.

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Why does contemporary art look so simple?

Guardian Art Critic Jonathan Jones recently denigrated photography as art, now he’s having a go at gardening 🙂

“Does art really have to imitate the lowest attention span horrors of modern life to be contemporary? Of course not. I’ve already mentioned some artists who are complex and serious and not in the least bit simple. The truth is that artists themselves are sick of the simple art of the Hirst era. Galleries are full of art that wants to be complex. Unfortunately, a lot of it ends up being boring and impenetrable instead. There are Godard-like “masterpieces” of turgid video art galore, terrible epics of performance art and desperate attempts to make art more “serious” by turning it into gardening, say, or community architecture.”